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iGW70 Smart Gateway

iGW70 series smart gateway is used together with smart electric devices to provide two-way internet communication and ensure the possibilities to remotely control the smart electric devices or make adjustment on available parameters.
Available versions:
● 4G
● Wireless Wi-Fi
● Wired Ethernet (LAN)
● NB-IoT


CQC 1308-2017: Technical specification on intelligent power unit


Smart gateway is used together with smart electric devices to collect and read the data of a number of parameters such as voltage, current, power, electricity on the software, and make partial metering and analysis for each circuit, thus achieve the purpose of monitoring power consumption, predict electrical failure,  diagnose online, real-time alarm and remote breaking.


The smart gateway is made up of a plastic shell and communication circuit board. The shell is made by high flame-retardant and high strength plastic which can ensure the strong impact resistance and light weight, and has similar appearance with MCBs 3SB71-63. Communication circuit board adopts low power consumption design and asynchronous serial port RS485 communication mode, can drive up to 32 smart switches. It can be conveniently mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN-rail.

Technical specifications

V 27.7 Smart Electricity 20210302_30-2

V 27.7 Smart Electricity 20210302_31-3


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