Independent power supply with build-in power source,directly draws power from the incoming end to avoid the risk of protection function failure caused by external power supply failure.

● Overload protection
● Short circuit protection
● Isolation
● Controlling
● Used in residential building, non-residential building, industry, energy and infrastructure


●   Remote control with manual buttons

●   Matched with 3SB71 series MCB and 3SL71 series RCCB

●   Operate the handle to switch on and off by bidirectional controllable permanent magnet synchronous motor

●   Widely used in the advanced residential building, communication field and the industrial automation, as well as the smart power grid

Technical specifications

●   Standard: IEC 60947-2

●   Match

●   Miniature circuit breaker 3SB71 (1P, 2P, 3P, 4P);

●   Residual current operation circuit breaker 3SL71 (1P+N, 3P+N)

●   Rated insulation voltage (Ui): AC 500 V

●   Rated voltage (Un): AC 230 V

●   Operational voltage: 0.85~1.1 Un

●   Rated frequency: 50 Hz

●   Power consumption: 20 VA (operating)

●   Electrical life: 4000 times

●   Time to switch on or off: < 1 s

●   Mounting class: II

●   Degree of protection: IP20

●   Installation: DIN-rail of 35 mm

●   Connecting wire: 0.5~2.5 mm² Cord

Working conditions

●   Pollution degree: II

●   Ambient temperature: -5 ºC ~ +40 ºC, and the average of 24 hours should be under +35 ºC

●   Altitude (Meters): Max 2000

●   Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity of the air is 50% when +40 ºC, and the relative humidity can be higher at lower temperatures

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