RCBO, VRBNC515E, compact

The VRBNC515E electronic RCBO is designed to fullfill therequirements of circuit protection by providing the technology residual current protection combined with over-current circuitprotection in a compact design.


  • Equipment control and protection against short-circuits and overloads

  • Isolation of electrical circuits

  • Protecting people from direct and indirect contact

  • Protecting installations from insulation faults to prevent electrically ignited fires

Technical specifications

  • Standards: IEC 61009-1

  • Number of poles: 1P+N

  • Neutral can be switched off: yes

  • Electrical features

  • Residual current-detection principle: Electronic (voltage dependent)

  • Rated operational voltage Ue (V AC): 230

  • Rated current In (A): 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 45

  • Rated residual operating current IΔn (mA): 10, 30, 100

  • Type (wave form of residual current): AC, A

  • Rated insulation voltage Ui (V): 500

  • Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp (kV): 4

  • Rated ultimated breaking capacity (kA): 6

  • Rated service breaking capacity (kA): 6

  • Instantaneous tripping characteristic: B, C

  • Thermal-magnetic release characteristic:

  • B: 3 In ≤ In ≤ 5 In;

  • C: 5 In ≤ In ≤ 10 In

  • Mechanical features

  • Endurance

  • Electrical life (times): 10000

  • Mechanical life (times): 20000

  • Protection degree: Housing IP40; terminals IP20

  • Pollution degree: 3

  • Ambient temperature (°C): -25 ... +45

  • Storage temperature (°C): -40 ... +70

  • Environmental conditions (°C/RH): 28 cycles with +20 °C/95%

  • and +40 °C/50%

Installation and connection

  • Overvoltage category: III

  • Connection capacity (mm²): 1 ... 10

  • Supply from: Top terminals

  • Terminal tightening torque (N·m): 2.5

  • Altitude (meters): Max. 2000


  • Ideal for installations that require the added benefit of RCBOs with switched neutral line.

  • The compact design makes it suited for new builds as well as the retrofit market, to enhance the protection level in electrical circuits by additional personal safety.

  • In new buildings, the 50 % space saving compared to the 2 modular width version allows implementation of more compact and cheaper distribution boards.

  • Especially in projects where many circuits have to be equipped with individual residual current protection, smaller distribution boards can be installed, which saves significant costs.

  • In old buildings, it is very easy to replace the existing 1-pole MCBs with a compact RCBO in only 1 modular width, this means no additional space is required in the distribution board.


  • Thanks to the built in switched neutral line on the left, a faulty or damaged circuit can be fully isolate by disconnecting live and neutral conductors, and testing of outgoing circuits is easier as an electrician does not have to disconnect terminals before testing.

  • Compact size only 18 mm in width saves 50 % space compared to the version 2 modular width RCBOs.

  • Rated current is up to 40 A with high breaking capacity 6 kA.

  • Real contact position indicator for easier identification, independently on the toggle position.

  • Cage terminals with fail safe feature to avoid improper installation.

  • Additional components are available, such as: auxiliary contact, fault signal contact, under-voltage release and shunt release.

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