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3SM8E, MCCBs with electronic trip units

Independent power supply with build-in power source,directly draws power from the incoming end to avoid the risk of protection function failure caused by external power supply failure.

● Overload protection
● Short circuit protection
● Isolation
● Controlling
● Used in residential building, non-residential building, industry, energy and infrastructure

Applications and functions

●   Incoming and outgoing function in distribution systems

●   Switching and protection devices for motors, transformers and capacitors

●   Protect circuits and power supply devices against overload, short-circuit, under-voltage etc

●   Used in new energy, power, industry control, buildings

●   Available in the following versions

●   Power protection

    The overload and short-circuit releases are designed for the protection of cables, leads and non-motor loads

●   Motor protection

    The overload and short-circuit releases are designed for optimized protection and direct-on-line starting of induction squirrel-cage motors

Instruction of type code


Technical specifications


Normal working environment


The rated performance of the circuit breaker does not change up to 2000 meters.

Beyond this altitude, the performance of the circuit breaker is subjest to derating, see the derating coefficients table on page A/00 .


Storage: -40 °C to + 70 °C

Operating: -5 °C to + 40 °C

In case the circuit breaker operates at higher temperatures than +40 °C, the current-carrying capacity of the circuit breaker may be lower than the

rated current-carry capacity at the reference temperature, therefore the derating coefficients must be applied. see the derating coefficients table on

page A/00.

Relative humidity

When maximum temperature is 40 °C, relative humidity shall be less than 50%.

When the temperature is relative low, the relative humidity is allowed to be higher.

Condensation caused by change of temperature shall be taken special measures.

Pollution level


Installation category

Main circuit: III

Auxiliary circuit and control circuit: II

Installation environment

Horizontal or vertical, maximum inclination: 22.5 °.

Resistance to moist air, salt mist and oil mist.

Installed in an environment which is not enough to erode the metal or to destroy the insulating gas and without explosive danger.

Installed in an environment without attack from rain and snow.

Electonic trip unit


Electonic trip unit


Characteristic curve


Selection and ordering data


Outline and installation dimensions

3SM8E-100, 225, 400, 630, 800, 1600 (front connection)


Outline and installation dimensions


Outline and installation dimensions

3SM8E-63, 100, 225 (Rear connection)


Outline and installation dimensions



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